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The Locksmith services allow you to have incalculable styles & designs of door locks based on somewhat simple technology. The history of mechanical locks began over 6000 years ago in ancient Egypt. The locksmith smartly created the simple yet powerful pin tumbler lock from wood. Since then, the locks have emerged with the same primary physics. We, at My Mobile Locksmith Services, offers door locks with superior security.


The most common and the oldest kind of lock is Pin and tumbler locks. The design of this lock is composed of spring-loaded pins inside small cylinders. This old technology uses varying expansions of pins to prevent the locks from opening with a false key. However, when we insert a correct key, it compresses the springs aligning the space between the bottom and top pins around a track known as the shear line. For instance, the clear shear line allows the key to turning up. Today, manufacturing of 90% locks applies this simple and smart technology.

Tubular Locks

A tubular lock is a breed of pin and tumbler lock and is made up of unique circular key design. For proper insertion, the design consists of a rectangular notch on the key to match a similar whole on the lock. However, these locks are not so popular though comes in demand when someone needs a high-security lock. Found on the bikes, ATMs, and many lockers, tubular locks are nearly impossible to crack without the original key.

Rim Locks

Among the oldest style of locks, rim locks reflect the history of security. In other words, commonly used for the doors of many old homes, this antique design is not very popularly today. This kind uses simple latch mechanism with obstructions known as wards inside the keyhole. Therefore, these obstructions prevent the lock from opening with the wrong key.

Mortise Locks

Specially designed to meet the needs of commercial security, mortise locks contain simple latches or high-security deadbolts. The installation of these locks requires a cut into the door or furniture to fit in. Mortise locks are extremely secure with strong durability and amazing features generally used by high-traffic commercial, institutional, industrial and government applications.

Electronic Locks

The immense evolution in the history of locks gave birth to Electronic Locks. Therefore, this awe-inspiring technology prevented us from the anxiety of stolen, lost or forgotten keys. The feature allows the lock to unlock with an electrical signal, whereas manual bypasses are ordinarily available to guard against electrical failure.

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In conclusion, Selecting different locks for different targets is fair but at the end of the day, security is the only thing that matters. Therefore, My Mobile Locksmith Services offers the best locks to secure your business and home with years of experience. We, the best locksmith in Rockville uses high-tech to produce perfect door locks for you.

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