Lock up your Summer Vacation Homes!

5 / Apr 2019

Lock up your Summer Vacation Homes!


Home security gazette for vacationers

As most people love to explore new places, the summer becomes an exciting time for burglars. The season strikes with bathing suits and beaches, but also the sunny weather makes it easy to break into homes while denizens are miles away. Therefore, Locksmith services suggest, protecting your property’s safety from weather to theft should be the priority.

Maintaining a checklist before traveling, will keep you on track & ensures you come back to home just the way you left it.

  • Abolish deliveries and newspaper
  • Instead of residence address, write your phone number on the luggage
  • Lock your valuables
  • Block out gas & water to prevent leaks & fire
  • Empty out the refrigerator of all perishable food
  • Set your thermostat properly
  • Unplug all non-essential appliances.
  • Be sure all windows and doors are locked

In addition, My Mobile Locksmith Services proffer various security services to make your vacation worry-free. Since it’s such a popular vacation season, it is a perfect time to build family memories. Therefore, without any hassle, save your property from burglaries with the best security services.

Advanced alarm and security system:

Before leaving your home alone, installing an advanced alarm & security system is the best idea. When any vehicle drives through your driveway, sensor immediately detects that. Also, when someone walks into your house, the security lights turn on to notify you. In addition, a strong alarm monitoring system connected with a security company is beneficial when someone tries to break into your property. The security company informs you immediately so that you can take further action.

Smart technology, smart homes:

On the beach, wondering if your appliances are shut-off or if the house is having the short-circuit? There is one solution to your myriad problems. Connected with your security system, a smart hub system is a perfect option to know what’s going on in your house when you are not there. The smart hub connects your electrical services, appliances, and security together, with this innovation you can control everything from a remote location. In addition, the system informs you about the temperature changes, flood or carbon monoxide to prevent a big disaster.

Get amazing security services from the best locksmith services in Maryland. From now onwards, before devoting time with your family and friends at the lake enjoying sports and food, or in the mountains relaxing and enjoying the view secure your home with the best safety measures by My Mobile Super Locksmith Services.

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