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At My Mobile Locksmith Services in Rockville, we try our best to give you the best suggestions for your locks replacing or re-keying. As having less knowledge about locks, people get confused if they should replace their current locks or simply rekeying them. What is more beneficial? Of course, rekeying your current locks has always been a better option.

For your convenience, we are mentioning some pros and cons for the future benefit:


  • Rekeying includes the use of key pins in the lock cylinder. These key pins are not as expensive as brand-new locks. Therefore, for the homeowners, re keying is the less expensive privilege.
  • In case, when you shift from the old house to the new, you get insecure about your previous homeowners for having control of your house. Simply re-keying your home locks increase the security and protect your private property.
  • With the catching tool, a spanner, a key decoder & the existing key, our locks rekeying services take a quick process. Our service providers are expert. Therefore, they can easily rekey your locks in the shortest period.

Cons Of Rekeying Your Locks:

Rekeying your locks only limits the safety measures. As having the imperfect current lock, rekeying can only make it work out properly, but it does not change the features. Thus, cannot correct the imperfections. So, in case, when your current locks are not adequate & stronger for your home, we suggest you replace then instead of rekeying them.

On the other hand, there are few pros and cons exist for the lock replacement.

Lock Replacement Pros:

  • For the customized security purpose, the brand New Lock Installation is a good option. We present the best options of brand-new locks to choose with additional features extra-long screws or more security pins. For the adequacy, appearance, and protection of your property, choosing the right lock is necessary.
  • In addition, upgrading your locks increase the general security of your wealth. By simply rekeying your locks, you cannot switch the grades of your lock. When you need the grade 1 deadbolts on your door, lock replacement is the leading option.

Cons of lock replacement:

As having a technical complex, lock replacement is an expensive choice than the others. It needs precise and hard-working labor, where you’ll have to pay extra for the laboring as well as for the new locks. In conclusion, there are no high-security locks benefits come with the replacement.

Therefore, we grant the best locksmith services in Rockville.

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