12 / Jun 2019



Have you ever found trouble in unblocking your car door?

No matter if you have a key or keyless entry vehicle, there can be various reasons why your lock isn’t working. We, at My Mobile Locksmith Services, are going to share some causes of why your car lock isn’t working. Let’s check below and save yourself from falling into the trouble.

Key fob batteries

While you face the trouble opening your car door, the first thing we suggest you check the battery. We assume people don’t realize the need to change the battery in their key fob. So, the next time when face trouble in unlocking your car door, instead of calling a locksmith, check your battery.

The damaged key

As time passes, keys often become worn or bent. The turning pressure can result in the broken keys. Therefore, get the new keys once these become useless.

Internal damage to the key fob

Nowadays, dealers generally issue key fobs or smart keys. These smart keys also malfunction when exposed to the risk factors like dropping in the water, crushing them, and so on. The damaged key requires the help of a professional locksmith to get fixed.

No Programming

The disorganized key won’t unlock or start the vehicle as the key fob must be paired to the car it is meant to operate.

Feeble car key duplication

Copied key with flaws results in wastage of time and money. Try to get copies made from a car’s original key so that the key doesn’t fail to work.

In conclusion, when you find trouble unlocking your car door, call the Home/Car Lockout Services in Rockville.


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