5 Types of Commercial Door Locks: Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are running a small or big business, knowing about the types of commercial door locks is essential to adopt the best security. And without proper security, your business will always stay vulnerable. Therefore, don’t keep a mystery about door locks; explore all the commercial door locks available in the market.

Types of commercial door locks

1) Mortise locks

A mortise lock goes into the door to house the lock body. These are one of the oldest kinds but are still popular because of the better security features.

These commercial lock types consist of:

  • The complete lock body
  • The lock trim
  • A strike plate
  • The keyed cylinder

2) Cylindrical locks – commercial lock types

On the other hand, cylindrical locks come with locksets that you can install through the door. Generally, they consist of a knob handle or a lever. Therefore, the professionals install these locks by drilling two round holes in the door.

These types of commercial door locks are easy to install yet capable of securing your property.

3) Electric strikes

Advanced technology has introduced electric strikes that are intended to operate mechanically. These commercial lock types replace the traditional door strike with an electrical one.

Electric strike locks consist of the following function:

  • Keypad
  • Key fob or card
  • Wireless sensor

4) Magnetic locks

As the name suggests, magnetic locks use magnets and electricity to lock and unlock the door. They are also good to install for commercial buildings, with better and more convenient security features. Magnetic locks require a separate device to unlock.

Magnetic locks, also known as maglocks, consist of:

  • An electromagnet that connects to the doorframe.
  • A metal armature plate that fastens to the door itself.

5) Keyless commercial door locks

As you can guess from the name, keyless locks do not require a key to lock or unlock a door. Generally, keyless commercial lock types use electricity or the internet to function.

However, you have the option to select keyless door locks that consist of keyholes that work as a backup.

There are three standard types of keyless electronic commercial door locks:

  • Commercial keypad door locks
  • Commercial key card door locks
  • Biometric door locks


Types of commercial door hardware

For your convenience, understand that the commercial doors are not as simple as the residential ones. According to your business, you will have to choose the doors with several concerns.

Usually, the business owners pick the door with different types of commercial door hardware:

  • commercial levers,
  • commercial door knobs,
  • commercial door closures,
  • commercial door pulls,
  • commercial push plates,
  • commercial door kick plates,
  • commercial door hinges,
  • commercial door locks,
  • commercial door exits.


Now that we have read about different types of commercial door locks, you can pick what suits you the most. For instance, if you want a mechanical lock, you can choose mortise or cylindrical locks. Pick maglocks or electric strikes to secure your business with electric usage. Or go for commercial smart locks for convenient entry without a key.

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