How to Replace Lock on Door in 2022?

Are you wondering how to replace lock on door?

We all understand that replacing locks is a cost-effective way of increasing your home’s curb appeal while improving its security, inside and out. So, don’t worry; we will cover the steps to install a door lock without needing to worry about the cost to change locks on a house.

How to Replace Lock on Door?

1) Measure for Replacement Lock

  • First thing first, measure the space where you’ll install the lock replacement.
  • If required, make new holes with the help of a hole saw set.
  • Typically, the diameter for doorknobs that are connected through a hole in your door is 2 1/8 inches. However, you much remove the old locking system to check it.
  • Now, estimate the distance from the center of the hole to the edge of the door.
  • If your doors are thick and your new lock size differs, you can add a custom-cut plate or a door reinforcer.
  • After that, select a locking system with the same setback. You can also opt for electronic locks that offer added security.

2) Match the Key

  • There is always an option to get a duplicate key like your older lock.
  • The keys can be matched for all new locksets with the use of the key code.

3) Terminate the Door Knob

  • To remove the doorknob, first, you need to remove the screws from the doorknob on the interior side of your door to pull it out.
  • Remove the latch from the opening by removing two screws from the latch plate on the edge of the door.
  • Now, please insert the new latch into the opening with the tapered side facing where you will push the door to close it.

4) Remove Old Deadbolt

  • Now you will have to follow the same steps as used for removing the doorknob to extract the existing deadbolt.
  • Release the screws holding the deadbolt together from the interior side. This is how you can take out the two screws on the edge of the door to remove the bolt.

5) Install New Lock without paying cost to change a door lock

  • To install a new lock on your home or office door, slide the spindle through the slot in the latch and install the knobs.
  • Fix the two long screws from the inside knob into the cylinders.
  • After that, try extracting the two screws holding the strike plate in place on the door jamb.
  • In the same position, install the new one.
  • Finally, check your door’s integrity by opening and closing it several times. It will show you if the latch aligns properly with the strike plate and that the knob turns smoothly.

Cost to change locks on a house

The best way to feel secure in your home and office is to call the professionals to install the locks on your door. You might have understood how to replace lock on door, but it will be good to have a professional’s help with the same.

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