How to get Broken Key out of Lock? – 6 steps

You have arrived at the right place to explore how to get broken key out of lock.

When a key breaks off inside a lock, it can be a very frustrating experience. No matter how careful you are, it can happen to anyone at anytime. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to get a broken key out of a lock.

How to get Broken Key out of Lock?

Below is the best way to get broken key out of lock. Read till the end or connect with our locksmith residential for help.

1. Gather the right tools.

You will need a pair of needle-nose pliers, a small flathead screwdriver, a metal file, and a couple of tweezers.

2. Determine the exact location of the broken key.

Examine the lock closely to determine where the key broke off. You may need to use a flashlight to get a better view of the inside of the lock.

3. Insert the flathead screwdriver into the lock.

Once you have identified the location of the broken key, use the screwdriver to push the key fragments further into the lock.

4. Use the needle-nose pliers to grab the key fragments.

Once the fragments have been pushed further into the lock, use the pliers to grab the key and gently pull it out.

5. Use the metal file to remove any rough edges.

If there are rough edges on the key fragments, you can use a metal file to smooth them out. It will help ensure the key is not stuck in the lock again.

6. Reattach the key.

Once the key has been removed and the rough edges have been filed down, you can reattach the key to the lock. But, again, ensure that it is secure and fits appropriately.

By following these steps, you should be able to get a broken key out of a lock without too much difficulty. However, if the key is too difficult to remove, you may consult a professional locksmith for assistance.

Locksmith Residential

A locksmith residential specializes in providing locksmith services for people’s homes. They are experts in installing new locks, repairing existing locks, and duplicating keys. They are also well-versed in installing high-security locks, CCTV systems, and other security systems to help protect your home from intruders. In addition, residential locksmiths are often called upon to respond to emergency lockout situations and can provide a quick and reliable solution for getting you back into your home.

The Best Way to Get Broken Key Out of Lock

Hiring a professional locksmith to get a broken key out of a lock is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. A Locksmith ensures that the lock is not damaged as a result of trying to remove the broken key. Professional locksmiths have the tools and skills to remove the broken key without damaging the lock.
  2. A professional locksmith can advise how to prevent the same problem from happening in the future, such as lubricating the lock, replacing worn-out components, or even upgrading to a more secure lock.
  3. If necessary, a locksmith can also rekey the lock to ensure that the broken key cannot be used again.

In conclusion, if you need help understanding how to get broken key out of lock, you can always connect with a certified, licensed, and bonded locksmith to secure your home. Call My Mobile Locksmith today and get a free estimate!

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