Door Lock Parts Repair in 2022

Many people wonder if their door lock parts are in good condition or need any repair. To know this thing, you will first have to understand how every part of your door lock works. Undoubtedly, your door is the most crucial thing that keeps your home safe against break-ins. And the lock on the door plays a very big role that is unavoidable. Sometimes, when your door lock doesn’t work properly, you don’t have to replace the whole door; instead, slight door lock repair works here.

To become familiar with the door lock anatomy, you need to get the services from a reliable locksmith who can honestly suggest the door lock repair or replacement.

Different Door Lock Parts

1) Cylinder

The lock cylinder resides inside the lock and holds the complete locking mechanism. It is also known as a lock body as it plays the lead role. The cylinder possesses a spring and several pins that turn when you push them in the correct direction and pattern with the right key.

These types of locks are perfect for exterior doors, but when something wrong, like a broken key inside the cylinder, happens, you need to call the locksmith for door lock repair or replacement.

2) Bolts

Bolts are small yet crucial door lock parts that protrude from your door to make a door frame engaged when the cylinder is locked. The bolts are responsible for stopping or allowing the opening of the door.

Door lock repair depends upon the type of bolt your lock has:

  • Spring Bolt/Latch Bolt
  • Deadbolt
  • Barrel Bolt
  • Hinge Bolt

3) Strike Plate

Equal to the lock, the striker plate gets fixed to your door frame. If the striker plate is not properly aligned with the deadbolt, it will prevent the deadbolt from sliding into the hole and locking the door.

4) Knob Or Handle

When you have a cylinder door lock installed, you will see a door handle/knob on the exterior and interior sides. They can be fitted individually to your lock.

So now, the thing is, door knobs may become loose over time. Tightening them with the right technique is essential to keep your locks working perfectly.

5) Spindle

One of the door lock parts is responsible for connecting the door knobs or handles on two sides. The shape of the spindle is intended to release the door latch to open it as soon as you turn the knob or push the handle down.

Door lock jammed

If you have a door lock jammed, the reasons might probably include a misaligned deadbolt, loose setscrews, dust, or rust. You need to keep dust and dirt away from the keyhole and the entire lock mechanism. For more details, you can contact My Mobile Locksmith.

Door Lock Repair

Door lock parts are reparable to keep your lock in the finest condition. Any fault in any part of the lock directly affects the security and safety of your home. Therefore, call the professional team of My Mobile Locksmith for the best door lock repair services.

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