Locked out of Garage Door? – Use Quick 5 Solutions

Truly, we can not deny the importance of home garages. They not only keep our precious vehicles and heavy equipment but also gives us an entry point into our house. Therefore, the people who get locked out of garage door eagerly search for ways to get themselves out. When you lock garage door from outside and still get yourself in a locked-out situation, it might be time consuming, frustrating, and even unsafe.

This article intends to present you with some quick solutions that will be helpful in an emergency.

Solutions when Locked out of Garage Door

1) Employ Manual Release

Modern problems have modern solutions. Therefore, modern garages consist of automatic door openers supplied with manual release cords. You can pull these cords to release the garage door and let it move freely.

Is it a complicated process?

No, you can simply press the center of the garage door at the top and look for a hinged lever. Once you see the manual release, use unfurled coat hangers or other thin, hooked objects to reach through the space above the door, hook the hinge, and pull the release.

Ta-da! Your garage door will open manually.

2) Use Emergency Key Release if You Lock Garage Door from Outside

If garage door locked out from the outside, you can use track down the installed emergency key release on the door. Insert the key in the lock and pull out the lock tumbler. After removing the lock tumbler, you will see a cord in the lock tumbler hole. Now, you have to pull the cord to disengage the motor.

After that, open the garage door and ensure that it will not fall back down.

3) Destructive Entry When Garage Door Locked Out

However, it is not suggested, but it is a way to enter your garage in rare situations. So, destructive entry is when you will have to destroy the garage door’s lock in order to get in. For lock destruction, use lock drilling.

This specific process is messy and loud, so be prepared for some thrill.

4) Open the Side Door

It is not notorious that most of the garages have side doors that you can use to enter while you lock garage door from outside. If the side door is not locked, you can instantly escape the garage lockout situation. However, if the door is locked, know that it only uses a keyed knob for security. So, you can use the credit card method to get in.

5) Get a New Key

Some people face garage door locked out the situation because of broken or lost keys. In such cases, professional locksmiths suggest getting a new key. Of course, you can always call emergency locksmith services to know the cheapest ways to open a garage door. They can also repair the garage door so that you can stay safe in your home.

Wrapping Up

When you are locked out of garage door, the best way to deal with the situation is to connect with a trustworthy emergency locksmith company. For this, you can always call My Mobile Locksmith and get the team of residential locksmiths within 20 minutes at your place.

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