Choose the Best Lock for French Door

Does your home consist of a french door, and you are searching for a suitable lock for french door?

Well, you are fortunate enough to arrive at the right place. We are the best locksmiths in Rockville that will help you pick the right security lock for french doors. So, move forward with us to unveil the various locks step by step.

Door Lock for French Doors

Every homeowner wishes to have the best door lock for french doors that can protect them and their belongings. The irony is that locks for french doors are hard to find the measurements of the doors vary. But now the good news is that some door locks are available in the market, among which you can find the best suitable one. But first, you need to keep in mind a few things before picking the lock. Those things are:

  • Materials like stainless steel, carbon polycarbonate, and extruded aluminum
  • Security anti-lift features to prevent any burglaries
  • Design that blends easily with the french door

Pick the Best Lock for French Door

1) Patlock Security Lock for French Doors

Patlock is a simple and convenient type of lock for french doors that needs a simple installation procedure. This lock is capable of holding the handle to keep them locked, securing the levers and the bolts from burglars.


  • Delivers security without complicated installation
  • Fits perfectly for french doors with slightly curved handles
  • Designed to prevent lock snapping
  • Easy to put on and off with two buttons in two seconds

2) Bar Latch Safety Door Lock

Latch Safety Door Lock is a durable kind of lock that stays in good condition for a longer period. It comes in stainless steel that ensures long-lasting use.


  • Meant for long-lasting use
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to lock and unlock
  • Does not easily budge by strong wind

3) Bi-Fold Door Lock

Made with polycarbonate, this type of lock allows you to open the door by simply sliding the lock away.


  • Prevents children from opening doors
  • Made of polycarbonate that doesn’t easily break
  • Easy to close and open the door
  • Includes an extension wand for shorter adults
  • Installation does not require any tools

4) Flip Latch Lock

Flip Latch Lock is reliable since it is made of stainless steel to keep intruders away from the property.


  • Sturdy enough
  • Installation doesn’t require specialized skills
  • Comes in dark colors and low-profile designs that add sophistication

Smart Security Lock for French Doors

If you like to adopt modern ways in your life, you will definitely like the smart security lock for french doors. When you call My Mobile Locksmith, the team will tell you all about compatible locks. The smart lock will meet your requirement whether you want it for the interior or exterior. For example, if you only have two boreholes, you can attach a passage knob or lever below your smart or electronic lock.

Call us not to know more about the lock for french door. We are always here to secure your home and business with our reliable locksmith services.

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